Paws-itive Reviews

Hear how these happy and thankful pet parents feel about our products!


Maggie, a 7 year old American bulldog, was having seizures and developing kidney problems, but she is feeling much better after enjoying the MushPuppies and CBDoggies! Brandon Potts, Nevada


Bonnie is a 3 year old Rottweiler that had a sore on her eye that would not go away...until she tried the MushPuppies! Heather Bollen, California


At 11 years old, Scout is feeling better than ever because of the MushPuppies! John and Lori Kavanaugh, California


After losing Titus to cancer, Buzz and Renee wanted to make sure that they were treating Bubba better. They are happy Bubba has been doing so well on the Sequoia Pet Food, MushPuppies, and Buckey Bites, and he is enjoying his PetClub 247 antler split pull toy! Buzz and Renee Olson, California

Braveheart and Mercedes

Braveheart's story about how the MushPonies have helped him put his weight back on, improve his coat, and give him more stamina is beautiful to hear. And Mercedes is doing great and is no longer on pain medications because the MushPuppies and CBDoggies have brought her so much relief! Amy Terry, Nevada


Zenta was almost put down at 14.5 years old. Kurt and Gale have been giving her the MushPuppies, BuckeyBites, CBDoggies, and Sequoia Food for over 3 years, and now at 18 years old she is feeling great! Kurt and Gale Weeks, Nevada


Odie is an older dog who was feeling down, but the MushPuppies have cheered him up and help him feel better and younger! Moriah Knight, Nevada


We are so excited about how the MushPonies have helped Odie with his Kushings! Dyanah Musgrave, Nevada


Hear how the CBDoggies helped to get Panda's seizures under control and bring her so much relief! Dennis O'Reilly, Idaho


Hear how the MushPuppies helped to relieve Izzy's cage rot after she was rescued! Lucy Westfall, Nevada


The MushPuppies have helped 11 year old Sandy to feel much better and act younger! Heather Jensen, Nevada


Roxanne was in kidney failure and could hardly walk, but after taking the MushPuppies, CBDoggies, and BuckeyBites everyday she is doing great! Bonnie Thrasher, Texas